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Soundtrack "Evita"
Soundtrack "Evita" (1-disc abridged version)

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When the Evita project was still in the pipe-line, fans had visions of a massively promoted soundtrack with four or five major singles. After the under-achieving You Must Love Me, Warner Bros. seemed to have different plans. Releasing Don't Cry For Me Argentina only reluctantly once they realized that they could make a few bucks, WB (and by some reports, Madonna as well) did not want to release anything else from Evita. While Another Suitcase In Another Hall was released in some other countries, it was a relatively insignificant hit. Buenos Aires was released solely via promo remixes shipped out to clubs. The result was Madonna's most successful promo-only release on the dance charts (Love Don't Live Here Anymore, her other promo-only release, barely made the top 20 the year before). No video was released and no singles were released commercially (thus my quickly made fake cover at the top of the page).

Personally, I believe Buenos Aires would've made a better single than You Must Love Me, but I think WB made the right decision not to promote another single from Evita. Anyway, the Buenos Aires remixes are probably some of Madonna's least-inspired.

TRIVIA: The song Buenos Aires appears early in Evita, and Madonna's character Eva is supposed to still be a teenager -- a bit of stretch for a woman who was approaching forty at the time.

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